WooCommerce WordPress Consultant in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Aberdeen

woocommerce-wordpress-consultant-glasgow-edinburgh-aberdeenI craft high impact storefronts for businesses and eCommerce ventures using WooCommerce.

My experience ranges from Woocommerce, Google Analytics, and e-commerce SEO, to bespoke WordPress solutions tailored toward specific business needs.

As an independent consultant, I collaborate with a wide range of businesses, e-commerce ventures, and agencies; and I help them create storefronts that attract and convert customers.

Leveraging my background in IT support, digital marketing, and software engineering, my mission is to demystify e-commerce for early-start businesses and mid-sized stores.

Many small to medium-sized businesses are challenged by the complexity and expense of operating a self-hosted e-commerce storefront. Some store owners even believe that e-commerce is hard.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.

It is possible to create a high impact e-commerce storefront that can compete with any leading brand. That’s where I come in: my knowledge, skill-set, and expertise, can make this possibility a reality for any business.

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  1. CJ,

    After building sites with wordpress for over 10 years, I just found you and your article on woocommerce was great. About to re-do a clients site from Shopperpress to Divi and woocommerce so lot’s to play with. I installed both on a new company site to check out how nicely they play together. Best Wishes, Abi

    • Thanks for the kind words, Abi. Much appreciated.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my first WooCommerce article. I’ve got more posts of this nature planned, so keep an eye out 🙂

      From recent experience, Divi and WooCommerce work quite well together. It’s all about the planning, and getting all the “ducks in a row”, as it were.

      Visit again soon.

      Many thanks