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Sometimes all we need is a new beginning..
Time to re-initialise the blog. Here’s why it fell silent, and here’s what to expect in 2019

Sometimes all we need is a new beginning…

…a re-initialisation.

…and that statement applies to this blog.

Discovery Conundrum

After several attempts at consistent blogging/writing, I have discovered the following…

I’m neither a writer…nor a blogger.

My skills lie elsewhere, and I tend to plan, craft, engineer and maintain solutions rather than write about them. So far, my reflections have been internal…tacit, and I’ve been weak on the writing aspect.

There have been a few reasons for this weakness:

  • So far, I’ve prioritised high ROI activities that provide me with a direct correlation between activity and immediate return on time spent. Writing/blogging has not provided me with that return.
  • Time spent planning, writing and refining a blog post is (for me), time away from work application and skills-upgrade. Plus, we all only have so many hours in a day…
  • Blogging time is non-billable… pretty self explanatory, that one

Those are probably not the best excuses; because for each one above, you can point to someone who provides services and yet still manages to put out content consistently…(daily, even).


I attempted that approach but struggled to keep the content flowing.

That’s when I realised that I build and implement. I’m not a writer…or blogger.

Beginning Iterations

This site has had several iterations with quiet spells in between. When we look at that fact, one thought  would be:

you should blog more to attract potential clients/customers…

Interesting thought, that… because even though in the past I’ve gotten leads from website prospects, my core client base are pipe lined from other more reliable sources.

While I agree that an established online presence increases the chances of new customer acquisition, I see it as just that…a chance..

In my view, a blog is a supplement, not the core customer-sourcing tool. This means that blogging for me is not as important as cultivating a reliable lead pipeline.

Then there’s an argument to:

educate your clients using your blog posts…

Send them to a site security blog post or an e-commerce optimisation post that you’ve written.

Fair point.

Except, my customer base can schedule a call if they have questions. Each project, solution, or website is unique; which means I can educate them during our regular catch up calls.

Another argument is the need to:

 be recognised as an authority in the space

Well yes, except that I’ve never really cared about that one.

My focus has always been on improving my understanding and skill-set, while serving a specific clientele.

Begin with a Change

So, all the above explain why the site has been on hiatus.

But I would like to change that.


Context…and Ubiquity is the answer to that question.

Context for a New Beginning

So, recently I’ve been sharing posts on social. I started collating blog posts which I have either learnt from or referenced. To me these are useful posts, and the curated shares are just as useful.

One thing, however, which I felt was not obvious to anyone reading my shares, is the context in which the posts were collated. In addition, social platforms don’t usually lend well to extended commentary, which means that certain things can sometimes be lost in translation.

In my view, commentary is key, because it provides the necessary context and colour. The easiest place to present such commentary is in an extended blog post…or on Medium.

I prefer a blog post.

That got me thinking again about re-initialising “the blog”…

Giving the old site a new beginning.

Considerations for a New Beginning

First I had to understand why I was doing this, and what my goals and priorities are.

Quite clearly I was not reinstating the blog:

  • To get new customers
  • To publicise my work
  • To grow loyal followers
  • To become an authority in the space

None of the above.

Instead, I wanted to use the blog as a commentary vehicle.

When I observe a trend, or share a post series, I want to be able to add supplementary commentary here on the blog, which then provides additional context and colour.

I also wanted to be clear on what place the blog would occupy.

The way I see it, the blog is simply a hobbyist effort. This means that customer services will always take precedence.

What about content type and depth?

I decided to focus on WordPress and WooCommerce related content, since this is the bulk of my daily engagement. Workflow representation and website engineering practices, will also find their way into my commentaries.

As a side note, I have not seen many WordPress engineering blogs (but that’s a different commentary).

After that the question became how often to post, and how to turn it into a sustainable activity, especially when service work gets busy.

For that, I decided on a mild approach:

  • One post a week, which means 4 posts a month
  • Minimum of 250 words per post, with maximum of 950 words. This will help maximise blogging time and encourage me to be concise in my commentaries

A New Beginning for 2019

In summary then, the blog is back, with a very limited focus, which will hopefully encourage consistency.

My objectives for this new beginning are to:

  • Create short commentaries once a week
  • Write about posts that I might have shared on social
  • Write about discoveries that I’ve made
  • Focus on WordPress and WooCommerce content

The goal is to trial this approach over the next 8 weeks, to determine if it is workable and/or sustainable.

Wish me luck, and it would be a pleasure to have you alongside for this new beginning…


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